The Street Wok :: 42 Tatari, Tallinn


The Street Wok @ 42 Tatari in Tallinn deserves to be even more popular than it is. Despite Tallinn’s many fine dining opportunities finding a place to get authentic, exotic cuisine can be tricky. The Street Wok offers genuine Malaysian street food, ingredients sourced and recipes developed by Malaysian chefs. In a city where the local palate leans towards less spicy food it is very good to get properly delicious hot and spicy meals. I highly recommend visiting The Street Wok enough times to try everything on the menu. This place would do very well to open another franchise over in Telliskivi, or even a real street stall in Summer.

I’ve been working on the upcoming Lego® Elves.

LEGO Elves Logo Plate LEGO ELVES Azari

Recently the lovely, lovely Maria, Anders & Rune over at Ja Film in Denmark got me in to help them out with season one of Lego’s awesome new animated series Lego Elves. It really is a big project and is arriving with a massive worldwide release this March. I worked as one of three compositors, adding effects & magic and glows & particles & waterfalls etc… under the expert direction of lead compositor Mathieu Durand.

VJ KodeK :: Disco Volante :: 2008 Audio Visual DVD

Way back in 2008 I released a 60min Visuals DVD under my stage name VJ KodeK on the Mixmash label. All of the music was composed and produced by Gilly Spencer of Gflower Music and mastered by myself.

I’ve been assured that the full hour of music and video is ideal to put on for babies & small children to relax and play with in the background. Share & Enjoy.

It’s raining pens.



So the ever awesome Steph over at Creative Nuts asked me to very, very quickly texture & light a ballpoint pen to near photorealism and then animate it into an exploded line diagram. So I did, and I made it rain 15 million pens as well.

Check out all the other amazing things that Creative Nuts get up to.

Muse Unsustainable Tour Visuals

Muse Tour Visuals

Last year I was lucky enough to be asked by the very lovely Terry Scruby of Fish Nor Fowl in London to assist him with animating, texturing & most fun of all, sequencing the lighting for this massive video wall, onstage graphics package. An fully audio reactive fusion reactor. You can find out more and see clips of the concerts on Terry’s site here

Last night, on Earth (Papua New Guinea)

I’m sure I mentioned it somewhere before, but in case you missed it… I am, and have been since the 90s, a performing VJ & live video artist. Working under the pseudonym VJ KodeK since about 2005, I have performed live visuals at the highest possible level, many unique high profile events and appearing onstage with Hip Hop royalty. I do occasionally still take bookings when they sound like they will be fun. Last year I nearly didn’t VJ at all, and then Ed asked me to cover visuals for all 9 hours of Sasha’s Brixton Academy NYE party. I invited long time VJing cohort Disaster Girl to come help out, modernise my technical setup and keep things interesting. She made this docupromo from our footage of the night. It’s sweet, no?



Pretty much everyone you meet has an influence upon your life. Sometimes you will notice the direct consequences more than others. These two cruised up in the year 2000 and moored their boat next door, working hard as a team, partying hard as a team, making the most of every opportunity they could and having an awesome life. Inviting me to VJ while they took turns as DJ at their club nights and involving me in their design and music production certainly pushed me forward. This last new years eve I VJ’d for superstar DJ, SASHA, at Brixton Academy and couldn’t help thinking back 13 years to the first new years eve party I performed and supplied all the visuals for, thanks to these guys. I also considered trust how many important people in my life I met through them. More than that though I consider what they were actually doing at the time I knew them and this influences me even now, they were living as frugally as London would allow, investing time and energy into their future and their plan to move to Australia and start a family. I found this photo of them on Facebook the other day and see they still have an influence, look at them still working hard as a team, partying hard as a team, raising their many children in a happy and comfortable situation that they planned and achieved together and clearly still having an awesome life.