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Restaurant Review :: Vesivärava Grill (Tallinn)

Vesivärava Grill

Verdict: No beer, no indoor seating, but by far Tallinn’s best burger.

Vesivärava Grill is quite a way out from the centre of Tallinn. It’s just by Kadriorg Park, across the road from Kadrioru Stadium. What’s more it’s like a classic American burger stand, in that there is no indoor seating area. You queue up at the order window and wait outside while the burger is barbecued outside. Given the annual climate in Tallinn you can imagine that for most of the year this is a little cold and uncomfortable.

Is it worth leaving Tallinn Old Town just to get a burger from here? No, not unless you have a vehicle and feel like a little drive in action. However, if you are in the area, visiting the KUMU art gallery, Kadriorg Palace, The Swan Pool, Pirita Beach or any of the other museums and attractions in Kadriorg then definitely get over to Vesivärava Grill and grab yourself Tallinn’s most awesome gourmet burger.

It is very popular, lots of people drive up and queue up for their burgers and once you try them you will understand why. Up until this point I had not had a really good, or even a passable burger in Tallinn but Vesivärava Grill are certainly equal in flavour and quality to London’s top gourmet burger joints. The fries were also delicious and top notch.

One last thing to note, Vesivärava Grill was taken over by new staff and management since I visited, the previous management and staff have renamed themselves The Estonian Burger Factory and I think we are all looking forward to their new restaurant opening in 2014. I have not revisited Vesivärava Grill since this change but I have heard nothing but good things in the meantime.

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Am I Polaroid? Polymer 59.430237,24.721384

Am_I_Polaroid_050August 22nd 2013, dog days are over.


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Robbie Williams Live From Tallinn


This year I was lucky enough to work on some of the onstage motion graphics for Robbie Williams’ Take the Crown Stadium Tour. Always fun to make visuals for a big tour but this time it became a lot more personal and magical when I discovered the Estonian stop on the tour would be broadcast live to cinemas worldwide from the song festival grounds in Tallinn. It was my first event at the song festival grounds and I thought it was awesome, the atmosphere was just incredible due to it being Estonian re-independence day.

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Lionheart Kadriorg 2013

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Krusenstern Tallinn 12th July 2013

Krusenstern_Tallinn_2013Tall Ship Krusenstern arrives at Tallinn Seaplane Harbour on the morning of July 12th at 10am, to take part in Tallinn’s annual maritime festival Merepäevad. This ship, originally built in 1926, is the largest traditional sailing ship still in operation and one of four remaining Flying P-Liners built by German shipping company F. Laeisz, the other three being static museum ships. This ship holds the record for fastest sailing between Hamburg and Chile via Australia. Krusenstern, originally named Padua, was surrendered to the USSR after World War II as a war reparation and subsequently named after Estonian born, Baltic German, Adam Johann Ritter von Krusenstern, an Admiral and explorer in the Russian Imperial Navy who led the first Russian circumnavigation of the globe.

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Rat Race Tallinn June 3rd 2013

Untitled (2013-06-03 12:42:44)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:24:09)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:24:52)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:25:43)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:26:02)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:26:54)
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Untitled (2013-06-03 12:34:19)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:35:20)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:37:24)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:38:13)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:40:41)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:41:33)
Untitled (2013-06-03 12:41:50)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:43:29)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:44:41)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:49:40)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:49:49)Untitled (2013-06-03 12:50:56)

Rat Race Tallinn 2013, a set on Flickr.

My photos from this year’s Rat Race event in Tallinn. I got involved in a small way with Rat Race last year, this year I stayed an extra few days, during my May visit to Estonia, and helped a little in designing the thankyou certificates. It was good to actually witness the race this year.

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Floating Sauna Design

Solar Powered Floating Sauna

Solar Powered Floating SaunaSauna_WIP11Solar Powered Floating Sauna

Last week I designed this solar powered, floating sauna for an Estonian start up.

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