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World’s Oldest Lighthouse 36.263264, 29.308144

World's Oldest Lighthouse

The oldest known existing lighthouse in the world. Built circa 56 A.D. in the Roman province of Lycia, during the reign of Nero. Rediscovered in 2005 under the sand during excavations uncovering the ancient city of Patara, the lighthouse is thought to have been destroyed by a minor tsunami. Reconstruction is underway as part of the research and restoration of the city.

Patara is known as the birth place of Santa Claus and also home to the congress building, now restored, of the Lycian League, who’s republican government influenced the American Constitution during the formation of the United States. There I am, just before the archeological zone closing time, 8th October 2012.

Cinema 4D Procedural Carbon Fiber Material

Procedural Carbon Fiber C4DI have been quite dissatisfied by the available Carbon Fiber materials for Maxon Cinema 4D. Yesterday morning, I took an hour or so and created this procedural material for visualising carbon fiber objects. It needs a bit of projection tweaking in some cases but should work well in most scenes.
You can download it from me here for free.

Glastonbloody Awful

I’m sitting here waiting on renders, instead of being a part of this year’s Glastonbury. It’s quite gutting to have all the BBC hype machine talk Glasto 24/7 and knowing that I will not be there. This seems so wrong after performing as VJ KodeK at four Glastonbury festivals in succession, and the weather will be awesome this year too.

As consolation I decided to finally add wordpress to my dormant website, see if we can’t bring all these things I do back into the wider world.