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Shoe Event Horizon

Shoe Event HorizonTogether we crossed the canals, walked the way, immersed ourselves in sea among floating dead bees & Alexander’s armada. We played frisbee down endless shores and performed from the amphitheatre stage to an audience long dead. You were with me that crazy humid night when you crushed peanut shells on the colonial hotel floor and again weeks later when we stood in the pitlane by the big wheel as dawn broke over the west. I remember when we walked for days, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town, baking in the dry ancient bush and tripping over termite mounds in the dark to the endless thump of the bass. We mingled at the peak of a goldmine’s spoil heap during the total eclipse of the sun, spent days on trains, hours on planes and minutes on boats. Disappeared to Reval and back, over and over through sudden & persistent snow. We had one hell of a journey, I’ll never forget you.

Restaurant Review :: The Diner (Neal Street)

The Diner, Neal Street


Verdict: Very high quality at gourmet burger prices.

The Diner is one of a chain of seven around London, each set up to feel like a 1950s American style Diner, albeit a 1950s American style Diner perhaps imagined by some vague historian in a distant dystopian, minimalist, future, sci-fi world. All the elements are there, the booths, the soundtrack, the americana, the garish lighting, the neon. All just sitting in the uncanny valley somewhere between The Fifth Element and IKEA.

That said, the food is really good. Quality ingredients, well prepared an plenty of them. The sides are huge and well cooked. I have honestly never left The Diner in any way hungry. The selection of drinks is wide, from quality micro brewery beer & cider to ‘hard shakes’. Definitely one of the best burger joints around London but at a price just a bit too premium to be regularly visited, save it for special occasions.